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ό‚θ History of Mampay Screw Works, LTD
1937. Sep Mr. Waichi Negishi established a factory in Shimotakaido, Suginami-ku, Tokyo and named it gKugiman Screw Factoryh, and started production of a wood screw.
1939. Jun Sengawa factory was built.
1943. Jun Became a Joint-stock a company.
1948. May Increased the capital to 1,000,000yen.
1948. Dec Changed the company name to gMampay Screw Works, Ltdh.
1949. Oct Increased the capital to 1,500,000yen.
1951. Jun Obtained a Japanese Industrial Standards Certification/ Permission # 544.
1954. Jan Started production of a Cross Recessed Head Wood Screw.
1956. Sep Increased the capital to 4,500,000yen.
1960. Dec Purchased adjoining land of 1,335 square meters (430 tsubo) to expand productivity.
1961. Dec Increased the capital to 9,000,000yen.
1965. Apr Purchased land of 3,300 square meters (1,000 tsubo) in the Ome Nishi-Tokyo Industrial Area to expand productivity.
1966. Oct Built Ome factory (300 square meters<100 tsubo>) and the attached building (23 square meters<7 tsubo>).
1968. Aug Added a building (829 squre meters<251 tsubo>) on to Ome factory.
 1968. Dec Increased the capital to 18,000,000yen.
1973. Jun Increased the capital to 36,000,000yen.
1984. May Bought a 2 Die 2 Blow Header machine made by Asahi Okuma.
1984. May Bought High-Speed Double Hearders made by Itami and equipped the factory with eight machines in total.
1984. May Bought Screw Inspection Sorter machines and equipped the factory with 3 machines in total.
1985. Nov Bought three 2 Die 2 Blow Header machines made by Asahi Okuma.
1987. Jul Closed Sengawa factory and combined the two factories into one (Ome factory).
1988. Sep Started production of machine screws made from titanium.
1989. Sep Bought a secondary processing machine.
1990. Oct Bought a 2 Die 3 Blow Header machine made by Nakashimada.
1993. Feb Started production of a tamper-proof Hex socket pin Button Head Security machine screw.
1993. Aug Succeeded in having E-ring on a chain-pin and obtained a patent, immediately started producing and selling it.
2002. Jun Combined Sales Dept of the main office and Ome factory into one.
2003. Mar Bought an Image-Display 100% inspection sorting machine VC-BS.
2004. Dec Bought a 10 x 150 Double Header machine.
2005. Feb Obtained ISO9001:2000 certification.
2007. Mar Bought YS-3BR of an Image-Display 100% Inspection Sorting machine made by Yutaka.
2008. Jul Bought a 2 Die 3 Blow Header machine made by Nakashimada.
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